2nd European Mobile Tech Expo In Manchester, UK
     The Point at the Emirates Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket Club in Manchester, UK was the site of the 2nd Annual European Mobile Tech Expo 2015 Smart Repair & Detailers Forum March 28-29. Dent professionals and valeting professionals interacted with dozens of tool and supply manufacturers, product suppliers, and professional instructors to see what is new and exciting in the mobile tech industry.

     The automotive aftercare and reconditioning industry is enthusiastic about opportunities to exhibit and sell their products to car enthusiasts and automotive professionals worldwide. Buyers, sellers, resellers, technicians, trainers, instructors, and innovators all across the industry have proven they want and need an event where they can demonstrate new products, services, and technology; where they can flex their talents and ability by competing for prizes and awards; and share ideas and problems in an industry-friendly social atmosphere.

     The MTE crew would like to thank Dent Magic for their continued support of both the U.S. and European expos. The PDR training and tool distributor donated door prizes, Dent Olympics prizes, and "goody bags" with tools, glue sticks, and more, valued at $100 to all contestants.

      Dent Magic also showed their generosity by donating items to the MTE Silent Auction held the entire two days of the Expo in support of Claire’s House Children’s Hospice for terminally ill children. Attendees and exhibitors bid on items by submitting a written bid. The largest bid won, and all proceeds went to Claire’s House.

     This year social media played an active role in keeping people informed and inspired. “Seeing all those @DentDevils vans this weekend reminded me of my Dent Master Dent Wizard days!” said Cheshire Dent Removal.
“Great show at MTE. If you look closely, you can see KECO's Tim Fischer in his element making a deal,” said KECO PDR. Later they tweeted, “NEW Adapters! Click below to view a short video demonstrating how they work....”
       From Dent Devils, “It's never too early in the morning for a polish! Is this the best kit for the job?” Later on they got a chuckle with, “Lipo, Gas, 12v or Hybrid, What gets your glue hot?”

     Turf and Surf Shelters promoted their products throughout the show, “Our shelters are used by market operators, traders and the street food industry throughout the UK. Trusted supplier.” Tweets like these drew attendees to their booth.

     The Show kicked off on Saturday morning with four seminars. Dent Devils opened the show at 11:15 a.m. with a presentation called The Future of PDR, followed by Marketing SMART moderated by the Smart Repair Forum at 12:30 p.m.

     Lumisi Ltd. held a workshop on The Benefits of Social Media Marketing at 2:45 p.m., and GlassMechanix Windshield Repair did a seminar called, An Added Profit Centre at 3:00 p.m. offering opportunities for valeters, SMART Repair professionals, and dent techs to add windscreen repair to their service offerings, promising high profits.
      MTE tweeted, “Its Friday! Get your dancing shoes on...” prior to the Saturday Night Social, which was open to all exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. Located upstairs in the Mezzanine Bar at the Old Trafford Cricket Club, the party featured drinks and music by The Belvederes and gave everyone a chance to network and chat with people in the industry whom they often deal with via Internet or by phone, but who rarely see each other face-to-face.

  Europe Holds Its First Dent Olympics!
One of the hallmarks of the MTE over the years has been the Official PDR Dent Olympics. The first of its kind, the Dent Olympics encourages mobile dent technicians to test their skills against other dent professionals to see how they stack up in the art of removing dents and dings from a car’s driver and passenger side panels without using paint, putty, or fillers, and without breaking the paint. The event has become staunchly competitive, rollicking fun, and humbling to all involved, winners and losers alike. Using only dent removal tools, a timer, and the observant eye of two judges, Terry Siegle of Ace Dent Removal, and Kenji Oshimi of Japan, 22 brave dent professionals competed in the first European Dent Olympics.

     Masashi Yasuda of the Trust Dent Group in Japan was the 1st Place winner. He earned the right to take part in the USA Dent Olympics competition receiving an $800 voucher towards airfare to the U.S. MTE in Orlando, FL in January 2016. The UK’s Martin Sadler of Dent-Remover and Darius Slizauskas of DentDivision took 2nd and 3rd Places, respectively.

     Chris Eames of Acedentura, Ltd.; Steve Cochrane of Dent Repair Service; and Edward Griffin, all of the UK took 4th, 5th, and 6th Place. Vlad Mayer of ohne-dellen.com in Friedrichshafen, Germany; Alexander Stankovskiy of AV Tool in Moscow, Russia; Ryan Percival of Dent Solutions, Ltd. in Manchester; and Noboru Murayama of Japan’s Trust Dent Group took 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Places, respectively.

     We also thank Manjit Shane, Thomas Luck, Klaus Schmidt, and Bobby Chahil from TDN Automotive; Yoshihiro Suetomi of Japan’s Trust Dent Group; Acedentura’s Gavin Taylor; Paul Swankwick of Dent Shifter; Brian Milner of Dent Pro; Paul Langridge of Dent Rewind; Tony Hodgson of Dent Speed; Daniel Hutchinson of Dent3ltd; Anatolijus Goncarovas of Quickdent; Justin Rose of Mr. Dent in South Wales; and Brian Snape of Dentmaster for braving the challenges of the first ever European Dent Olympics. The competition is stiff., Major Exhibitors From Around the World.

     Innovative products and equipment to service the entire reconditioning, valeting, and smart repair market were on display at the 2nd Annual European Mobile Tech Expo. Rupes led the way with its powerhouse line of dust extraction vacuum systems, sanders, and polishers for the automotive, marine, and building industries. Their international distribution network stretches from Japan to South Africa and Australia.

     LKQ Coatings through their Intelligent Repair Program, provide equipment, training, and products to support the cosmetic repair industry including paint and headlamp repair, wheel refurbishment, PDR and interior repairs.
By contrast, Exel Tools PDR International’s 6-booth exhibit allowed the French company to display and demonstrate their PDR tools, designed by its manager, Jean Jacques Brunie. They sold every tool they brought to the show. Although a young company, Brunie has been designing PDR tools for 15 years and Exel is the only company in France that makes PDR tools, and one of the few in all of Europe.

     Car Cosmetics BV in the Netherlands sells a wide variety of PDR equipment including tools, glue systems, and accessories, but they also provide valeting services, PDR, hail damage repair systems, and PDR training.
KECO is famous for their glue pulling tools and tabs. The manufacturer uses their expertise in plastics combined with technology to make the highest quality tools and tabs on the market.

     Dent Devils has grown into the largest PDR supplier in the UK and they use their best practices to help promote sustainable pricing and to raise the standards of the PDR industry nationwide.
The founders at Catastrophe Solutions International are pioneers in the PDR industry. Working all over the world, they have repaired well over 100,000 vehicles!

     Fitzgerald Restoration Products is one of the oldest suppliers of restoration products in the industry, having first opened their doors way back in 1978 in the Monterey Bay, CA area, expanding into South Carolina in 1991, and moving into a state-of-the-art facility in Northern California in 2008 so they would have more space for training.

     Flex Tools UK was one of the power tool industry’s first innovators dating back to 1922. In 1954, they were on the cutting-edge when they launched the first high-speed angle grinder known as the DL 9 that gave birth to concept of “FLEXing” when sanding surfaces. Today Flex is the problem solver of the power tool market for automotive detailing.

     Power TEC is one of the UK’s largest body shop suppliers. They also have a line of equipment made for mobile operators and smart repairs. Power TEC is also part of Tool Connection Ltd.

     TDN Automotive, a UK-based PDR company with a focus on hail repair also combined six booth spaces to create a gigantic display complete with a globe and banner to represent their huge team of TDN dent specialists who travel the world offering catastrophe solutions to cities hit by damaging hailstorms.

     Over 1,000 SMART technicians belong to the Smart Repair Forum, a community “built by techs for techs” who keep up with product technology and provide a meeting place for asking questions, sharing experiences, getting tips and advice, and keeping apprised of what is going on within the Smart Repair Industry with like-minded professionals. They also sponsored the MTE Saturday Night Social.

     Known for their quick and easy process for paint chip repair (PCR), Dr. Colourchip is famous for their effective methods for touching up damage caused by road rash and minor dings that tend to rust if not repaired. The Dr. Colourchip “next generation” plasma paint formula is quick drying and easily blended to a smooth, shiny finish.

      GlassMechanix provides Top Windshield Repair Kits that are also a profitable add-on service for detailers, body shops, mobile techs, and Smart Repair specialists who want to expand their product and service offerings.
SSR Europe’s Sprayless Scratch Repair (SSR) system lets technicians repair scratches in 15 minutes or less. As an automotive aftermarket add-on service, SSR says profit margins are huge!

     Dentrix specializes in removing dents primarily in car panels, using greener, cheaper, and quicker options, while the customer waits. They use no paints, fillers, or chemicals so no toxins are released into the atmosphere.

     Surf & Turf Instant Shelters also considers the environment surrounding automotive repair by selling high quality instant shelters for mobile vehicle repair and maintenance. Popular with mobile techs, they are easy to assemble and provide shelter against rainy or extremely cold weather, and for performing work at outdoor venues. You can even add signage and fold-up worktables and counters.

     Representatives from PremiumShield clear protection films were also at MTE. Available in 8.0 mil and 8.2 mil (PremiumShield Elite) thicknesses, their protective films defend against impact from stones, minor abrasives, and environmental elements. Their related software helps the installer reproduce exact fitting pre-cut templates to ensure a perfect fit to any style and model of vehicle. PMX Coatings was also onsite to recruit dealers and installers of PremiumShield protective films and train them on how to install it properly.

     Paintfill Carding based in France brought in their hail dent restoration team to demonstrate their techniques for fixing hail dents on any fleet of damaged vehicles whether on your car lot or a part of your company fleet.
Even though the 2nd Annual European Mobile Tech Expo was ace this year, cheerio until 2016! 

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