get triple the data and cheap bills with ees new flexible 30 day sim only deals - Get triple the data and cheap bills with EE's new flexible 30-day SIM only deals

Get triple the data and cheap bills with EE’s new flexible 30-day SIM only deals

Commitment-phobes and bargain hunters, boy have we found the SIM only deal for you. Coming from EE – the UK's fastest 4G network – a new range of flexible contracts promising plenty of data and affordable pricing.

Competing with the commitment-free SIM providers cropping up across the market, EE is now offering a range of 'Flex Plans'. These EE SIM only deals allow you to sign up and quit whenever you want, meaning your plan can last from one month to as long as you like – forever even!

The really tempting feature of these plans is the fact that up until September 30, EE is tripling the data on its two cheapest plans for the first three months. That means 6GB for the price of 2GB or 15GB for the price of 5GB.

That combined with features including your unused data rolling over each month, EE boosting your data plan by 500Mb every three months and those impressively fast speeds make these offers really stand out.

We've listed the two triple data plans down below so you can see which price point you prefer. Or, if you prefer the comfort of a full 12 month contract or something entirely different, read our guide to the best SIM only deals.

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EE's flexible SIM only deals + triple data:

What other flexible SIM only deals are there?

If you're feeling tempted by the promise of ultimate 1 month flexibility, there is one other brand that stands out – Smarty.

It's a name with far less recognition than EE but what it does well is flexibility. With Smarty you can grab everything from a 1GB data plan up to unlimited, all with 1 month rolling contracts.

Right now, Smarty is also offering a reduced price on its 2GB data plan, offering one of the cheapest options around. 

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