opera for android gets built in vpn support - Opera for Android gets built-in VPN support

Opera for Android gets built-in VPN support

Opera Software released a new beta version of the company’s mobile browser for Android today that includes support for browser proxy / VPN functionality.

Opera is rolling out the feature to users of the beta version on Android currently; means, you may not see it yet even if you run the latest version of the beta browser.

Do the following to find out if the VPN is available already:

  • Tap on the Opera-icon and select Settings.
  • If you see a VPN listing under Browser near the top it is available.

Just toggle VPN to enable it the mobile browser to test and use the proxy connection. Long-tap on the VPN listing there to display additional options. The VPN is enabled for private tabs only by default; uncheck the option in the VPN settings to enable it for all tabs.

opera vpn android - Opera for Android gets built-in VPN support

You may also switch the virtual location to force the browser to connect through servers in Europe, America, or Asia instead of letting Opera decide.

Last but not least, it is possible to activate the VPN for searches as well. Doing so improves privacy but may deliver less relevant search results as the search engine may provide results for another country based on the server you are connected to.

Opera for Android indicates that a VPN is used with an icon in the browser’s address bar. Tap on the icon to display the transferred data of the last 30 days and change the connection location right then and there.

The browser proxy has no time or data transfer limit, and Opera Software promises that it is a strict no-log service.

Moreover, our VPN is a no-log service, which means that we will not collect any information that travels through the network servers.

A quick test revealed that the speed is good enough for regular browsing sessions. Note that your mileage may vary based on your location and the server locations you connect to.

Opera Software introduced similar support in the company’s desktop browser in 2016. The desktop VPN, which is still available, works similarly in many regards.

Opera users should not confuse the integration in the mobile Opera browser with Opera VPN, a standalone application for Android released in 2016. Opera killed the application in 2018, however.

Closing Words

The integrated proxy is available free or charge, does not restrict bandwidth, and Opera Software promises that it is not logging anything. That’s a good deal for users who want to improve privacy by hiding their device’s IP address.

The main downside of the solution is that it is limited to the Opera mobile browser, another that the solution is limited to three broad regions with no option to connect to certain countries.

Now You: Do you use a proxy or VPN on your mobile devices?

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