YouTube TV ads now more annoying and obtrusive than ever

YouTube TV masthead ads 1125x675 - YouTube TV ads now more annoying and obtrusive than everGoogle

Are you a YouTube TV subscriber? Do you love obtrusive ads? Well, hopefully, you said yes to both of those, because YouTube TV is about to feature a giant ad across the top of the front page.

YouTube calls this the YouTube masthead, and it currently exists on the standard YouTube website. The Verge reports that the masthead is considered a prime advertisement slot, and companies are willing to pay big bucks to showcase their advertisements there.

This is especially true since the daily watch time for YouTube TV is about 250 million hours. On top of that, Google claims that people remember ads on the YouTube TV app more than ads on traditional TV, and the masthead ads will autoplay for viewers after a few seconds on certain devices. That means no matter how much you currently pay for the service, these ads probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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YouTube TV is also making another change to the service, though admittedly a slightly less annoying one. Soon, users will no longer be able to use to access the service. Subscribers will need to use one of the dedicated YouTube TV apps to continue watching.

If you are a YouTube TV subscriber, you should see the new masthead pop-up any time now.

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